Life is Beautiful

Working with the Life Is Beautiful Festival's Art Motel, Midwayville invited guests to explore a life-size, carnival-themed pop-up game board in the courtyard of the Art Motel with a surreal blend of colorful sets, social games, and performance spectacle. This was the first time Midwayville performed in Las Vegas. We were chosen to design, construct and operate the attraction because of our deep experience in creating unusual and otherworldly live experiences. During the performance, guests playfully explored themes central to the festival's mission such as 'overcoming fear', 'manifesting your dreams' and 'celebrating what YOU find BEAUTIFUL.'

Details: Summer. Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Two nights of 100,000 guests total. 25 cast and crew. Life sized boardgame in abandoned motel parking lot, booths, sets and stationary interactives, small stage shows, variety, walkaround, stilts, and musical performance.