GOLDHIVE operated from January to July of 2018 in the SOMA District of San Francisco as an immersive performance community space curated by the Mystic Midway.
We hosted a myriad of events that brought together the SF Bay Area Arts & Tech Communities

As a creator culture incubator,  GOLDHIVE enabled Mystic Midway to continue on its mission in developing immersive experience methodologies and innovating in the field of purpose-driven social entertainment.

Before GOLDHIVE was displaced by 60-day eviction, it was host to:

  • 3 GOLDHIVE Salons featuring a diverse range of creative content
  • GATSBY & THE GREAT RACE a high end gaming LARP night
  • Ensemble Performance Training
  • Movement & Bodywork Workshops
  • Mixed reality experiments and creative development
  • Community Social Systems Development
  • Maker, Tech and Immersive Design Meetups
  • Makeup & Paint Workshops
  • Vendor Trunk Shows and clothing swaps

Attendees: 3,000 over 6 months

Location: South of Market Neighborhood, San Francisco CA