A word from producer Scott Levkoff:

‘I couldn’t be more excited when Autumn asked me to help with producing events to promote and support the launch of their new store in New Orleans.First off, I have immense respect for her work and mission, our collaborations going way back to the mid 90’s when we were producing Fetish Fashion stage shows and immersive spectacles before they were ‘a thing’. Secondly, NEW ORLEANS! FETE DU CUPID will be an amazing not-to-be-missed event: an inclusive, fabulous, decadent, bohemian, sumptuous celebration that reminds us why we love the Bay Area so much. We’ve got a stunning secret location (complete with secret passages and doors) in Alameda kept secret for years, an incredible line-up and many lavish surprises and secrets in store for you! Tickets are limited so grab yours before they fly off the shelves! Thanks for supporting small businesses, creative community, live events and Uncommon Beauty!’


Scott Levkoff Creative Director, Designer, Co-Producer

Fête De Cupid was a springtime celebration of art and beauty in all shapes and forms!

Gorgeous guests joined Midwayville and Dark Garden for a lavish evening, guaranteed to delight all your senses. Within this exquisite setting, guests found unforgettable spectacles, live music, hand-crafted libations, delicious hors d’oeuvres, seances, appearances by The Green Fairy, fortune tellers and more!

  • 500 Guests

  • 8 Performers

  • Live Music

  • Canapes and full bar

  • Incredible St. Joseph’s Cathedral location