Fairy Salon Westerfeld hOUSE

Guests joined the ensemble members of Midwayville for a very special and elegant evening of sumptuous faery delights and immersive theater at the Westerfeld House, San Francisco’s intriguing historic landmark on Alamo Square to celebrate LOVE, COMMUNITY and The Spirit of GOLDFIRE! Guests were invited to come as a Faery, a Dandy or a Creature from Wonderland, and enjoyed an elegant evening of magical delight and midsummer mischief.

7 rooms of the house were transformed into entertaining themed areas, like a Fairy Bower, Goblin Cave, and Steampunk Laboratory. A variety show with talented performers and amusing emcees entertained guests who dined on delicious food and drink custom-catered to the theme.

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Details: Autumn. Westerfeld House San Francisco. 80 guests. 20 performers. Catered food and drink, multiple sets, walkaround, stilt, acrobatic, musical, DJ, emcee and interactive performances.