A wonderful collaboration between Midwayville and Epic Immersive, Enter the Multiverse built on our unique skills combining performance, theater and technology.

Enter The Multiverse at Onedome San Francisco was filled with everything from mermaids to live music, as a multiverse of aesthetics collides. Guests explored fantasy lands of faeries, mermaids, and goblins, surrounded by thick jungle. They navigated Edwardian characters in a black-and-white dimension, sipped tea with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, jumped and jived to the sounds of the roaring twenties, unlocked Victorian worlds of magic and mischief, toasted with Rococo French aristocrats, took in circus and drag acts, and got lost in an electric futurescape.

  • 750 Guests

  • 40 Performers

  • Drone Racing

  • Interactive maze of art installations

  • Story Currency Game and Goblin Market

Long time ally WALLS360 provided wall graphics and Mystic Midway posters as valuable 'Goblin Treasure' for those who earned Story Currency by participating with the events many strange and wonderful characters!