Burning man "Carnival of Mirrors"

At Burning Man's Carnival of Mirrors event, Mystic Midway created a life sized labyrinth of performance in the Midway beneath the Man. Operating the work for five days, we saw thousands through the unique mix of attractions and inquiries that opened guests to their Mythic Selves.

As we wrote in the artistic statement for the grant we received from the Burning Man Art Fund:

"Welcome Mythic Players, Carnival of Mirrors participants, Cosplay SHAMAN-SHOWMEN and carny-circus Mystics, Fools and Klowns from all corners of the GLOBE! We celebrate the AUTHENTIC MASK of creative play, social artistry and LIFE AS ART! BRING DOWN THE WALLS between performer, audience, spectator, participant, player and playwright! We invite EVERYONE to step onto THE MYTHIC STAGE and join us in THE MIDWAY OF LIFE."

Title: Carnival of Mirrors
Venue: Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.
Guests: 80,000 guests.
Performers: 30 performers.
Featuring: environment and set construction, theater, walk-around, vaudeville, and variety performance.