Augmented World Expo

The Augmented World Expo commissioned the Midway to create an immersive performance titled "Quest for the Mysticon Codex" for their event on May 28 on 2014.  Our goal was to provide immersive commentary and interaction on technology that combined traditional theatrical and sideshow techniques with as much high tech magic that we could manifest. We bit off a lot for this two day 4-hour performance and created something that had never been seen before! An amazing array of talented makers, engineers, artists and more worked behind the scenes to create the hardware, software, set and prop elements of the Mysticon Codex. A list of the relatively exotic technologies involved included:

- Augmented Reality on smartphones
- Video mapping / projection
- Radio Controlled Drone
- Audio capture/realtime mix
- Laser Cutting / 3D Printin

The technologies combined with the spirit of the performers to deliver powerful "WOW!" moments to guests, one right after another. Fears and hopes for the future were the fuel for a memorable interaction that worked for most players who wandered in, no matter how jaded, as we broke through the high tech corporate environment of the convention center environment and welcomed participants into the colorful, strange and rich Midway world.

Title: Mystic Midway at the Augmented World Expo
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center.
Duration: 2 days.
Guests: 1,600 guests.
Performers: 12 performers.
Featuring: Walk-around characters, a game-ified interactive show, DJ / music, fortune-telling, an augmented reality app, kiosk sound sculpture, live video mapped set, airship drone.

If you are looking for incredible event production with immersive performance, technology and game-ified play please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Mystic Midway!